Exfoliation is key to healthy glowing & flawless skin! This is what sets our FOSSIL PEELING POWDER apart from other exfoliants:
• FOSSIL PEELING POWDER received GOLD in the category ” most innovative raw material- natural products” of the BSB Innovation Prize for Cosmetics Raw Materials.
• Due to its mineral origin FOSSIL PEELING POWDER is an ideal alternative to synthetic polyethylene peeling particles
• FOSSIL PEELING POWDER is free of preservatives.
• Removes superficial dead skin cells
• Stimulates cell renewal
• Rejuvenates new skin cells
• Eliminates impurities
• Improves skin texture and smoothnes
• Restores the skin’s natural radiance and complexion

Honey… A natural sweetener & in skincare is:
•A natural humectant that draws moisture into the skin reducing wrinkles
•Is full of antioxidants & Vitamin C to protect the skin for environmental damage
•Is naturally cleansing to improve overall appearance of the skin
L’abeille includes honey extracts in their:
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