Botanical Name: Citrus Sinensis
It’s winter… and that means – its citrus season! Orange Oil is known for maintaining the health, appearance & texture of skin by promoting clarity, radiance & smoothness. It also increases blood flow & helps the body to eliminate toxins. Orange Oil’s astringent property contributes to its anti-aging benefits. It works as a tonic that cleanses & detoxifies the skin while mimimising the appearance of pores and assisting with the treatment of break-outs. These properties make Orange Oil an ideal ingredient for moisturisers and cleansers that nourish skin, soothe dryness and irritation, eliminate harmful bacteria, enhance collagen production, and plump, smooth, and brighten the complexion. Orange Oil is known to make an effective treatment that softens while hydrating.
L’abeille uses Sweet Orange Oil in their:
Sweet Orange Lip Butter –
Deep Cleansing Gel –
Glow Intense Serum –
Luxurious Bath Oil –
Conditioning Body Oil –