Non-comedogenic oils balance our skins own sebum production. They provide all the essential fatty acids & nutrients our skin needs. These oils also work to protect our skin against bacteria & inflammation, reducing breakouts & promoting a more healthy skin. The skin is made of many intracellular lipids, the most important of these being CERAMIDES. They form the protective barrier of our skin. L’abeille oil based serums contain natural ceramides that help to keep our skins barrier reinforced & intact. L’abeille only uses botanical extracts & oils that are well tolerated by all skin types. All our oils score a rating of 2 or less on the comedogenic scale, meaning that they will not block your pores. Have a look at our Glow Intense Serum for a Ceramide & Omega Rich, Anti-wrinkle Active, containing African Oils & French Microalgae Extracts for boosted performance.