L’ABEILLE is a revolutionary, in-vitro and clinically tested and proven natural skincare range that scientifically restores our skin’s powerful ‘Spring of Youth’.  L’ABEILLE is the only South African skincare range that has taken natural skincare to an advanced level with the inclusion of outstanding high performance marine extracts dubbed “the beauty secret from the French ocean” with its ability to increase collagen by 35 %.

The proudly South African skincare range, L’ABEILLE, was showcased at the 2018 MERCK Global Performance Materials Meeting, being specially chosen for chemists doing stellar work in developing new analytical methods that aim to improve the quality of human life. L’ABEILLE was chosen as being a “Perfect example of locally developed & innovative products using MERCK Actives”.

Key ingredient, Renoumer, is one of the revolutionary ingredients that has set L’ABEILLE apart from the rest.  “There are not many products available globally yet that contain Renoumer – this is an incredible achievement”.  Added a representative for MERCK, one of the oldest and most trusted cosmetic raw material suppliers in the world.

L’ABEILLE is designed to address nourishment as well as performance, without compromising the need for natural and sustainably sourced ingredients. Their focus is on restoring & maintaining youthful skin over a wide age spectrum, using ingredients that nature has provided, but science has proven.

L’ABEILLE is packaged in violet glass for optimum product potency – from the lab to the consumer and offers advanced capsule skincare systems for targeted benefits. There are 3 kits available at present in the range – The Face Therapy Kit, Masque Therapy Kit & Body Therapy Kit.

The Face Therapy Kit consists of 4 skincare products with outstanding anti-ageing benefits. It offers active cell protection, boosts collagen & hydration levels & leaves skin with a healthy glow. “The fragrance and texture is better than anything I’ve ever tried before. Using the range feels like your own beauty salon in your bathroom” said Corlia Rodger.

Greta Ferreira professed that “Since using L’ABEILLE I have noticed that my frown lines on my forehead are less visible and my skin feels really good!”

The moisture spritzing tonic is on trend and simplifies the regime – one cleanses, moistures with the spritzing tonic, applies collagen boosting concentrate (which can also be used in the under-eye area) and finish with glow intense serum.  An exfoliator, masque, silicone cleansing brush and a jade facial roller are additional innovative options to the range.

The body range is also exquisite. To stimulate cell renewal, improve skin’s texture and to boost your skin’s radiance, we recommend the fabulous Fossil Peeling Body Bar. And for intense nourishing and anti-aging benefits, indulge your senses with a luxurious blend, rich in skin loving, African omega oils and antioxidants, with L’ABEILLE‘s Luxurious Bath Oil, their Conditioning Body Oil and their amazing Sweet Orange Lip Butter.

L’ABEILLE products are priced from R50 to R2000, and are available to purchase online at, ,  Ultimate Indulgence Spa, Necessiti Skin Clinic,, and

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As we age, collagen renewal gradually becomes weaker, resulting in:

  • thinning of the dermis
  • skin has less ability to hold onto water
  • loss of skin smoothness


The French Marine Extract in L’abeille – Polysiphonia Elongata, has been proven through in-vitro studies to:

  • increase collagen by up to 35%


In-vivo studies show:

  • 17% increase in hydration vs. placebo after 56 days
  • Twice as good as its benchmark in skin smoothing
  • Significant dermis re-densifying effect after 56 days
  • superior wrinkle reduction
  • Improved skin elasticity


Another French Marine Extract in L’abeille – Cylindrotheca Fusiformis, has been proven through in-vitro studies to:

  • Used at 2% to increase collagen synthesis by 19.3% in 24h
  • Used at 0.5%, gradual increase of collagen synthesis by 17.2% in 72h


In-vivo studies show:

  • Significantly decreases wrinkle depth and volume at only 1.5% use and after 1 month of use compared to placebo


Auto-evaluation study:

  • Volunteers confirm improvement in elasticity, hydration and softness of the skin


L’abeille’s ocean sourced ingredients are a fusion of natural, sustainable and fascinating marine science.

L’abeille’s packaging is another first for a South African skincare range. Violet glass is unsurpassed when it comes to preserving our products. The dark violet glass helps maintain the life force of the contents & actives with respect to their potency. These exceptional properties make violet glass the ultimate container for maintaining quality and dynamic energy of all its components & premium ingredients. In Essence: Violet glass is an excellent all-natural, high-vibrational frequency container that not only can preserve, but enhance the quality of contents. Several scientific tests have been carried out to prove the conserving properties of this type of glass. Packaging L’abeille in violet glass allows us to maintain the potency and naturalness of all ingredients to ensure that we provide the best products to our clients.

L’abeille was founded in 2013 by Karen Potgieter (Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science – Passed with Distinction 83%, Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation – Passed with Distinction 86%, Certificate in Organic Anti-aging Skincare – Passed with Distinction 93%, Specialist Certificate in Facial Masque Therapy – Passed with Distinction 99%, Certificate in Aromatherapy – Passed with Distinction over 90%).

With individual module distinctions in:

Formulation Skills and Cosmetic Compliance
High Performance Cosmetics
Anti-aging Cosmeceutical Compounds
Dermal Aging and Anti-aging Product Design
Skin Physiology & Cosmetic Laboratory Skills with GMP
Aroma-Cosmetology & Essential Oil Safety
Global Cosmetic Regulations

Product Testimonial:

“Absolutely love every L’abeille product. No other range has left my skin this rejuvenated and replenished. After struggling with a sensitive skin for years, I know that every product, from the Deep Cleansing Gel, to the Collagen Boosting Concentrate, leaves my skin radiant instead of irritated. I would definitely recommend this range to anyone looking for high quality and high value products. It’s worth every cent.”
– Mikaela Oosthuizen