Harvested off the coastline of Brittany in France, these microalgae extracts help to restore our skins ‘Spring of Youth’, because of their direct impact on collagen. With aging the collagen renewal process becomes weaker, the dermis gets thinner, stores less water & the skin loses smoothness. This red species of microalgae extracts are a powerful solution for counteracting these developments & for preserving a beautiful skin at every age. In vitro studies show an extraordinary collagen increase of up to 35%. Showing remarkable skin densifying & smoothing benefits, as well as exceptional hydration enhancement & wrinkle reduction. Microalgae extracts improve skin elasticity & show excellent rejuvenating properties. The development of these extracts is the result of the sustainable management of natural resources and carries no negative impact on the environment. Suitable for all age groups & skin types.

Proven through in-vitro studies to:

  • increase collagen by up to 35%

In-vivo studies show:

  • 17% increase in hydration vs. placebo after 56 days
  • Twice as good as its benchmark in skin smoothing
  • Significant dermis re-densifying effect after 56 days
  • superior wrinkle reduction
  • Improved skin elasticity

Polysiphonia Elongata Microalgae Extract is an ingredient of the following products:

· Moisture Tonic

· Collagen Boosting Concentrate

Renoumer - Data Sheet (70 downloads)

HYALURONIC ACID (LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT) – Active Anti-aging Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid of low molecular weight with good availability and positive activity on epidermal hydration by improving intercellular communication. This hyaluronic acid improves skin texture & plays a role in the reduction of wrinkles. It stimulates & protects stratum corneum lipids (stabilising skin barrier function), reduces oiliness & regulates sebum production. Provides anti-inflammatory benefits & is an active oxidant stress reducer.
Hyaluronic Acid (Low Molecular Weight) in as ingredient of the following products:

· Moisture Tonic

HYALURONIC ACID (VERY LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT) – Highly Active Anti-wrinkle Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid of very low molecular weight is able to reach even the lowest levels of the skin, bringing advanced rejuvenation. It reduces pore size, restores thickness of aging skin & stimulates the body’s own production of hyaluronic acid & collagen. Improves elasticity, smoothes & hydrates. In vivo testing shows a substantial decrease in scale & depth of wrinkles. Has a fundamental influence of the biological activity of cells – maintaining healthy cells, & works to improve barrier function.
Hyaluronic Acid (Very Low Molecular Weight) in as ingredient of the following products:
· Collagen Boosting Concentrate

ECTOIN – The Active Cell Protector (Anti-pollution)
Ectoin is a revolutionary nourishing skin care ingredient. This patented cell protection booster protects the skin from environmental stressors. It reverses the unsightly & unhealthy effects of daily exposure to sunlight, pollution & stress. By supporting your skins immune system, this ingredient keeps your skin healthy, while visibly & measurably reducing & preventing wrinkles. Proven to protect your skin, allowing it to regenerate & rejuvenate. In vivo assessments confirmed that Ectoin shrinks existing wrinkles & keeps new ones from forming. It not only supports the skins repair mechanism to UV damage, but also speeds up its defense system, protecting cells against stress 2 to 3 times faster than normal. Ectoin reliably helps to prevent premature photo-aging by binding water molecules & forming nourishing hydration shells around skin cells. Ectoin arms your skin against exposure & prevents dryness, giving you smoother, more supple skin.

Ectoin in as ingredient of the following products:
· Moisture Tonic
· Collagen Boosting Concentrate

Ectoin - Data Sheet (69 downloads)

Cylindrotheca Fusiformis is a tested & proven high performance skincare ingredient based on patented microalgae technology. A highly effective anti-wrinkle ingredient designed to combat the signs of aging & restore optimum skin condition. Rich in amino acids, EPA (Omega 3), carotenoids, antioxidants & sterols, which are all well known for maintaining good skin condition & structure. These microalgae extracts help to slow down cellular aging, prevent cell structure damage in the dermis & remove free radicals. Research shows that this microalgae stimulates the synthesis of collagen & elastin, maintaining skin elasticity, tone & texture. Stimulates & supports the underlying structure of the skin, helping the reduce wrinkle depth & volume. This marine active is a key ingredient that helps strengthen skin, while restoring its natural suppleness, radiance & beauty. This microalgae extract is cultivated through a sustainable manufacturing process from renewable resources.

Proven through in-vitro studies to:

  • Used at 2% to increase collagen synthesis by 19.3% in 24h
  • Used at 0.5%, gradual increase of collagen synthesis by 17.2% in 72h

In-vivo studies show:

  • Significantly decreases wrinkle depth and volume at only 1.5% use and after 1 month of use compared to placebo

Auto-evaluation study:

  • Volunteers confirm improvement in elasticity, hydration and softness of the skin

Cylindrotheca Fusiformis in as ingredient of the following products:
· Glow Intense Serum

Marine Blue Vital C - Data Sheet (56 downloads)

BAKUCHIOL – The New Retinol Alternative
Bakuchiol is the first natural alternative to Retinol without having any of the negative effects associated with a Retinol. Derived from Bakuchiol (Psoralea Corylifolia) seeds, this ingredient is potent enough to be compared to & displays all the benefits of a Retinol.
It is photochemically and hydrolytically stable, so it can be used during the day. Multiple comparative studies revealed Bakuchiol to be a true alternative to Retinol. It modulates retinoid binding and metabolizing genes, significantly improves multiple dermal and dermo-epidermal junction genes/proteins, and is a Collagen I, III & IV stimulator. This product provides hydration by up-regulating synthesis of hyaluronic acid and aquaporin 3.
Bakuchiol is clinically proven to reduce multiple signs of aging.

How will Bakuchiol Benefit My Skin?

  • Significant reduction in depth and appearance of fines lines and wrinkles
  • Increases elasticity and firmness of skin
  • Boost production of skin’s building blocks – collagen and elastin
  • Has a strong antioxidant profile, protecting skin from free radical damage
  • Fades Pigmentation and age spots, providing a more even skin tone
  • Improves skin texture for a smoother appearance
  • Reduces pore size
  • Strong inhibitor of pro-inflammatory enzymes
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties reduce acne, blemishes & breakouts
  • Improves dry skin
  • Increases skin radiance & brightness
  • Protects against the detrimental effects of UV exposure
  • Strong inhibitory effect against UV induced erythema
  • Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin

“When it comes to a natural, plant-based retinol alternative, there is only one ingredient that has been extensively studied and proven to mimic the activity and benefits of Retinol,” says cosmetic chemist Al-Nisa Ward, CEO and owner of consulting firm Cosmetic Science Innovations. “That ingredient is Bakuchiol.”

Is Bakuchiol Better Than Retinol?
Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative ingredient that has been used for decades in cosmetic skin creams. Retinyl Palmitate is estimated to be about 20% weaker than Retinol and works by stimulating collagen production, whereas Retinol is stronger and also increases skin cell turnover as well as stimulating collagen production. Similarly to Retinol, Bakuchiol helps to instruct normal cell behaviour, encouraging the natural shedding of the skin and boosting collagen and elastin production, without the associated side effects (increased sensitivity and redness) of Retinol.

Bakuchiol is an ingredient in the following products:
· Phyto-Retinol Serum

Bakuchiol - Data Sheet (93 downloads)


HONEY – Natures Humectant
Honey is a wonder ingredient from our bees, often referred to as ‘Liquid Gold’. It is a natural humectant that draws & holds moisture close to the skin. Not only does honey carry a large amount of nutritious skin friendly vitamins, but it also helps to reduce wrinkles because of its ability to hold onto moisture. Honey possesses natural anti-inflammatory properties & is rich in antioxidants & Vitamin C. Excellent for dry skin, due to its nutritious properties, which are easily transferred to the skin. Non-irritating & cleansing, it works well for all skin types.

Honey is an ingredient of the following products:
· Deep Cleansing Gel
· Gentle Face Cleansing Bars
· Moisture Tonic
· Collagen Boosting Concentrate
· Refining Mineral Masque

ALOE VERA – The healing, moisturising wonder plant
Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins, minerals & amino acids. It protects the skin from environmental damage & neutralises free radicals. It penetrates deeply. Moisturising at the lower levels & nourishing the skin with natural enzymes., making it a great ally in reducing the effects of aging. Aloe Vera provides anti-inflammatory benefits, and is a potent moisturiser, leaving the skin more resilient & supple. Suitable for all skin types.

Aloe Vera is an ingredient of the following products:
· Deep Cleansing Gel
· Gentle Face Cleansing Bars
· Moisture Tonic

COLLOIDAL OATMEAL – Proven anti-aging ingredient
Colloidal Oatmeal delivers a luxurious feel to skin care, and leaves the skin feeling moisturised, silky soft & soothed. High in Beta Glucan it provides anti-aging, anti-irritant, cleansing & moisturising properties. Colloidal Oatmeal contains oat peptides which stimulate collagen & elastin production. Hydrates the skin, helping to reduce fine lines & wrinkles. Rich in flavonoids & phenolics, providing antioxidant benefits.

Colloidal Oatmeal is an ingredient of the following products:
· Deep Cleansing Gel
· Gentle Face Cleansing Bars
· Refining Mineral Masque


Squalane is one of the highest quality emollients, with proven performance in skin care. It is naturally present in the skin’s lipid barrier. Squalane has exceptional moisturising properties & has the ability to penetrate the skin. It softens, soothes & is rapidly absorbed. Clinical studies prove that Squalane improves cell turnover, binds moisture & provides nourishment. It improves skin elasticity, enhances the skin barrier & reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Skin softness & smoothness is significantly improved & radiance is boosted.

Squalane is an ingredient of the following products:
· Collagen Boosting Concentrate
· Glow Intense Serum
· Conditioning Body Oil

RASPBERRY SEED OIL – Active Anti-aging Hyaluronic Acid
Raspberry seed oil is a super skin food, with anti-aging properties & supports skin renewal. It is high in Vitamin A & essential fatty acids, both key ingredients in skin care. Linoleic, alpha linoleic & oleic acids replenish moisture. Raspberry seed oil is high in phytosterols, which prevent moisture loss & help to repair & protect against UVA damage. Helps to prevent sagging skin & softens & smooths the look of fine lines & wrinkles. Raspberry seed oil is anti-inflammatory & prevents oxidative damage, which can lead to premature aging. Rich antioxidant complex of Vitamin E & Beta Carotene improves skin elasticity, suppleness & flexibility.

Raspberry seed oil is an ingredient of the following products:
· Collagen Boosting Concentrate
· Glow Intense Serum

Passion fruit seed oil is a light, moisturising oil that is easily absorbed by the skin. It helps to protect skin from environmental damage. Because of its high vitamin, flavonoid & antioxidant content, it helps keep skin looking firm & youthful. Raspberry seed oil is a great source of Vitamin A, in the form of carotenoids, which helps to reduce fine lines & wrinkles. A high content of linoleic & oleic acids help to keep the skin smooth & plump. It is light & non-greasy & helps to balance oily skin, making it a perfect moisturiser for all skin types, even acne prone.

Passion fruit seed oil is an ingredient of the following products:
· Collagen Boosting Concentrate
· Glow Intense Serum
· Conditioning Body Oil

Kalahari melon seed oil is known as the ‘Golden oil of South Africa’. It is moisturising, regenerating & restructuring. Kalahari melon seed oil restores elasticity & helps to combat wrinkles. The oil contains one of the highest concentrations of Omega 6 fatty acids & Vitamin E, making it a great anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-scarring & moisturising ingredient. It is a natural component of the skin barrier & is well known for its exceptional skin benefits. Kalahari melon seed oil promotes healing, is anti-inflammatory & is proven to improves skin dryness & epidermal wall integrity. It is one of the least greasy oils & penetrates the skin quickly without clogging the pores.

Kalahari melon seed oil is an ingredient of the following products:
· Glow Intense Serum
· Luxurious Bath Oil

Oat oil has excellent absorbancy & protective properties. It enhances skin feel, soothes & moisturises. It is rich in skin identical fatty acids & helps to improve the skin barrier. Oat oil helps support the physiology of the skin. It softens & repairs, and is rich in omega 3 & 6, Vitamin E & ceramides. Oat oil locks in moisture & helps to prevent water loss in the skin. It is a stable oil because of its naturally occurring powerful antioxidants, including Vitamin E. It contains lipids found in the outer bilayer of the skin & helps to maintain the skin’s natural lipid balance by replacing what is lost in everyday activities.

Oat oil is an ingredient of the following products:
· Glow Intense Serum

VITAMIN E (TOCOPHEROL) – The classic skin antioxidant
Vitamin E provides protection from environmental stressors, & helps to tighten & firm the skin. It is an effective moisturiser that hydrates & reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.. Vitamin E protects the skin from free radicals & oxidative damage. It promotes a more resilient, moisturised & youthful looking skin.

Vitamin E is an ingredient of the following products:
· Deep Cleansing Gel
· Collagen Boosting Concentrate
· Glow Intense Serum
· Conditioning Body Oil
· Luxurious Bath Oil


FRENCH ROSE CLAY (pink clay)
Collected from a secret French quarry, the Rose clay is naturally dried in the gentle sunlight thus concentrating its active constituents. Rose clay is rich in natural trace elements & regenerates on contact with water stimulating the mineral salts. A delicate mixture of 2 clays that takes infinite care of sensitive skin. It removes impurities & brings out a newer & younger looking complexion. Rose clay works to reduce the appearance of oily skin & clogged/large pores. Both emollient and neutral, pink clay takes care of the ph of the epidermis and gently refines the skin texture for an extreme softness and natural radiance.

Collected from a secret French quarry, the Green Clay is naturally dried in gentle sunlight to preserve all the antioxidants, ions & minerals. Green clay purifies, tighten pores & draws out impurities. It stimulates blood flow to the epidermis and plays a positive role in regeneration. Green clay works wonders on any skin, especially oily skin. When used regularly it regenerates the skin, absorbs excess sebum, gently cleanses, stimulates and gives your skin a renewed feeling.

Kaolin clay is fully neutral white clay respecting any type of skin, even the most aging ones by increasing softness. Thanks to its incredible illumination and decongesting properties, it instantly reveals regenerated & radiant skin. Silica rich properties make it infinitely softening, purifying & cleansing. It’s a non-irritating clay that won’t dry the skin out, making it ideal for dry skin.